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This Is To That

Jeux littéraires
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We are the husband and wife team that created "Chain of Thought." Now we are excited to announce our latest word game "This Is To That - the Pop Culture Analogy Game!"We give you an analogy like "ketchup is to hamburger as mustard is to ?" Then you simply tap the best answer ("hot dog") from a pool of words.
• a fun way to workout your brain• pop culture trivia• colorful, modern graphics• humorous fortunes from the Bonus Cookie• no nasty typing or spelling
This full version of This Is To That contains 600 analogies.
We know you're as sharp as a Ninja's sword and as fabulous as $1000 dollar pair of shoes. And we know you're gonna love "This Is To That - - the Pop Culture Analogy Game!"
Best wishes,Jay & Julia
Please note that the Android version does not currently have the Leaderboard feature. If you need this, please consider the iOS version.